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The redesign performed by Ergonaute Consulting is expected to result in a 40-50% increase in sales including 20% to be gained directly from the competition.
[C. Coulombe, VP of Products and R&D, documens, 2002]

For a system to be performing, not only the technical component should be optimized, but also the human component. Ergonaute Consulting optimizes the way users use technology by engineering smart and effective user interfaces that translate business goals and technological capabilities into user benefits. This optimizes the performance and efficiency of the overall system and helps you meet your goals.

There are clear advantages for the user such as increased user friendliness and satisfaction, decreased learning time, faster execution of tasks and minimized number of errors and need for help. All this leads to a better user experience.

There are also tangible benefits for your business:

  • Ongoing lowering of expenditures on technical support, changes, documentation and training
  • Sustained increase in profits and market share due to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Consistent increase in employee productivity
  • Better product definition and extended product life
  • Ongoing lowering of long term development costs and development time
  • Easier budgeting and planning of development projects execution or outsourcing

Ergonaute Consulting firmly believes in measuring the benefits of usability to deliver massive return on investment. Usability projects can have a greater ROI than almost any other strategy you adopt. 

Our objective is to help you: reduce costs, increase revenue and offer a competitive advantage.

If you would prefer to have one of our specialists help you calculate the potential ROI through working with us then please email us at info@ergonaute.net

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