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The usability evaluation allowed us to better define our system's front and back office and discover important underlying process issues in our program. It helped us think more clearly and accurately about the important aspects of our application that need improvement and in some cases redesign. Because we have been able to generate a large prioritized backlog of issues, we can now start to plan and budget the project more easily and lower the long term development costs. We know our program participants and program partners will be satisfied.
[A. Sirota, eService Delivery Business Consultant, Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, May 2003]








Usability Evaluation Projects

These projects are a must for any successful product. They apply to evaluating a prototype, a concept, a product in development or an existing product. The main objective is to discover the usability and design issues and provide recommendations. For example, evaluating a product before release can uncover missed user requirements or bad design decisions and avoid loosing your investment.

There are many types of evaluation methods we use depending on the nature of the project and the available budget:

  • Heuristic Evaluations are the fastest and most economical method and they are based on standard usability criteria and heuristics.
  • Expert reviews use a team of usability and subject matter experts to perform cognitive and/or or functional walkthroughs.
  • Guideline Reviews allow reviewing the user interface against the applicable guidelines. In the case of Web sites, we compiled our own guidelines based on a number of books and hundreds of research papers and projects.
  • Usability Tests discover the real user needs and strategies of use. We conduct usability tests on site, in a lab or remotely with real users.
  • Performance Usability Tests help assess if we reached the performance objectives of a project. It can also be user to compare different designs or products. In case you are buying a product that may impact the productivity of your employees, this test will help you decide which product will have the best results.

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