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Usability Methods Seminar (Half a day)
This seminar covers the different usability methods in detail. It covers, the inquiry, inspection and testing methods. These are important tools to be used on demand before, during and after a design. 

Usability Testing Seminar (Half a day)
Usability testing is becoming increasingly important to discover how users really use the different applications and interfaces. This seminar covers the different methods and techniques used in usability testing. 

Using usability criteria in design and evaluation Seminar/Workshop (1- day)

There are so many usability criteria that it becomes difficult to determine their priorities. Many know some of them, but rarely someone knows how to use them effectively. This seminar explains them in detail, determines the priorities and the dependencies, explains how to use them to design, and how to make a heuristic evaluation.

Mental Models and Designing Metaphors and Icons Seminar (Half a day)
This seminar explains what are mental models, how to detect them, and how to use them in the conceptual design. This is a vital course for conceptual, metaphor and icon design. An exercise helps the audience come up with a metaphor and evaluate it.

Data Visualization Seminar (Half a day)
This seminar is designed to intrigue and ignite the creative capability. It covers how to represent data in the input mode and the output mode. How to represent complex data and the latest research related to data visualization.

International UIs Seminar (Half a day)
This seminar covers all the issues related to international User Interfaces. It covers in detail the working habits in different countries, how colors, metaphors, gestures mean different things in different countries. It also covers a variety of cultural issues that should be taken into consideration.

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