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Usability Guidelines for Web Site Design (1-day)
This unique one day seminar covers virtually all the aspects of Web Design and Usability with a clear focus on the practical guidelines. Numerous examples, not only will explain the content, but will also give design ideas. A printed copy of the PowerPoint slides will be distributed to serve as a guide and checklist for any future design activities.

From Requirements to UI Design (1-day)

This seminar covers in details the context analysis, how to create User Interface goals, how to design effective use cases and task analysis, then how to map this into a high level design that includes the architecture and navigation. This is done within a RAD development cycle.
This seminar has a theoretical component complementary to the Web Design and Usability Seminar. A case study then puts in application what has been learned so far.
The major part of this seminar concentrates on writing use cases.
Prerequisite: Web Design and Usability.

Web Design for Information Sites (1-day)

In contrast to the "From requirements to UI Design Seminar/workshop", which covers the high level design of a web site, this workshop puts in application the detailed guidelines learned in the Web Design and Usability seminar. A case study takes the audience through the layout, graphics, fonts and all other details of a web site.
Prerequisites: Web Design and Usability.

Web Design for Applications (1-day)

Same as "Web Design for Information Sites" with the exception that the case study is an application.

Web Accessibility (Half a day)

This seminar covers how to design for disabled people. It mainly deals with visual disabilities, but also covers auditory, speech, motor and cognitive disabilities. You will learn what are the adaptive technologies and What are the detailed web design guidelines a better accessibility.

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