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The usability evaluation allowed us to better define our system's front and back office and discover important underlying process issues in our program. It helped us think more clearly and accurately about the important aspects of our application that need improvement and in some cases redesign. Because we have been able to generate a large prioritized backlog of issues, we can now start to plan and budget the project more easily and lower the long term development costs. We know our program participants and program partners will be satisfied.
[A. Sirota, eService Delivery Business Consultant, Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, May 2003]

Accessibility Projects

Both the United States and Canada have extensive but different rules and regulations that govern accessibility to electronic and information technology. Depending on your location and that of your clients, some or all of these laws may be applicable to you. For example, in Ontario, all government Internet sites must be accessible according to the Ontarians with disabilities act. In the US, Section 508 requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities. There are many other reasons to implement accessible web sites and software applications. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how accessibility can help your business.

Legal services:

If you need assistance in determining and understanding your obligations with respect to accessibility to electronic and information technology laws, please contact Attorney Pouneh Rahimi at pouneh [at] rahiminet.com. Ergonaute has an alliance with Ms. Rahimi, who is licensed in Ontario, New York and Massachusetts.

Accessibility Audits:

If you want to make sure your site is compliant with accessibility guidelines, or want to discover the areas that need to be enhanced, we offer accessibility audits for web sites (Flash or HTML) and for software and telecommunications applications. 

We review your web site or application for compliance with existing accessibility guidelines, such as the W3C's WCAG, section 508 or CLF. 

Our audits include a usability review and a technology review. Our team is composed of accessibility experts, usability experts, disabled evaluators, and software programmers with experience in accessibility. 

Usability Testing:

Our unique advantage is that we have 12 disabled users ready to test your application or site. They have a variety of disabilities and use a variety of accessibility tools. We conduct usability tests at their homes. A usability expert and an accessibility specialist produce a report that will help you discover how to reach real accessibility at a minimal cost. 

Design Reviews:

In case you are designing a complex or highly interactive application, you may need to review your designs for accessibility before implementation. Many accessibility issues can be captured at the design level and save you a number of iterations. 

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