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The usability evaluation allowed us to better define our system's front and back office and discover important underlying process issues in our program. It helped us think more clearly and accurately about the important aspects of our application that need improvement and in some cases redesign. Because we have been able to generate a large prioritized backlog of issues, we can now start to plan and budget the project more easily and lower the long term development costs. We know our program participants and program partners will be satisfied.
[A. Sirota, eService Delivery Business Consultant, Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, May 2003]

Strategic Usability Consulting

Our objective is to help you build a usability conscious and competent organization.

  • We analyze your company culture, needs, processes and methodologies.
  • We help you define where usability and accessibility fit and identify projects with positive ROI.
  • We help you define your usability team or educate your staff on the benefits of usability and its related activities.
  • We help you implement the usability processes that will serve your business strategy.
  • We also help with Project Management, coaching and facilitation for usability projects.

When outsourcing your development:

  • We help you preparing RFPs and ensure usability is an important part of the overall selection criteria.
  • We help you preparing detailed requirements and a clear data model that can make the RFP more effective and the implementation straightforward.

Methodology Evaluation and Redesign

  • We evaluate your existing development methodology and determine how it can be minimally modified to become a User-Centered methodology.
  • We integrate usability activities in the methodology and optimize the workflow to ensure the different team members communicate efficiently and exchange the correct information at the right time.

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