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The usability recommendations and the workshop offered by Ergonaute Consulting were an eye opener on how proper user interface design can significantly improve the productivity and satisfaction of our clients. 
[B. McCaw, CEO, HomeBank Technologies Inc., May 2003]









Design & Reengineering Projects

Whether it is a Web application or any other product, we use our methodology to take the product from an idea to a reality. We set objectives, gather and analyze user requirements and transform them to a user interface. We prototype the product and test it. Then we iterate until the objectives are met.

Depending on the project needs and the user interface type, we apply the following activities:

User and Requirements Analysis: We make sure the user requirements are properly defined in order to minimize development iterations. We use effective usability methods to understand the real user needs and define the functional requirements.

Application User Interface Design and Prototyping: We design and prototype applications regardless of the type of the user interface. We deliver a prototype, a specification document and if required the data model to ensure the requirements are well defined. Iterating during prototyping phase saves your developers a lot time and iterations. Having clear requirements is critical if the development is outsourced.

Web Design & Production: Whether it is an information site or a transactional site, we apply our methodology to design sites that improve performance and meet the business goals. We cover: site objectives, user needs, cognitive task analysis, functional and content requirements, information architecture, navigation and interaction Design, interface and information design, as well as the visual design.

Process Analysis & Design: We help integrate the usability activities into your development cycle. We optimize the communication between the different players within the development cycle, in order to ensure the usability activities are efficient.  We also analyze the workflow in order to optimize it or design software solutions that are better adapted to the users/employees.

User and Requirements Analysis: Our goal is to gather the user requirements and analyze them. We use an effective method for task analysis that can be extended to include all the user and functional requirements. At the end, we have a clear definition of the use cases, the user strategies and mental model, and the best suited architecture and navigation styles.

User Interface Guidelines and Style Guides: We help you write style guides and guidelines that are adapted to your needs. We train on implementing them and we review the implementation.

Reengineering projects are a special case where we target increasing the system performance and the users' productivity. These projects are useful when the number of users is big, if the application is used intensively or if it is critical.

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